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Pulsar POE084832 PoE power supply

Pulsar POE084832 PoE power supply
Pulsar POE084832 PoE power supply
Χωρίς ΦΠΑ: 169,00€
  • Απόθεμα: Διαθέσιμο
  • Κωδικός: POE084832
  • Βάρος: 4.00kg
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The PSU is designed for supply of up to 8 webcams requiring stabilized voltage of 48V DC. The output voltage can be adjusted with a potentiometer between 46V÷52V DC. There are 8 power supply outputs, independently protected by melting fuses or PTC polymer fuses. Failure (short circuit) in the output circuit will activate the melting fuse or PTC fuse and disconnect the circuit from DC power (+ U). Fuse failure is indicated by switching off the corresponding LEDs: L1 for AUX1, etc. In addition, the FPS output (hi-Z state) and LFPS LED are activated and the relay contacts change their position. The PSU is housed in a metal enclosure with signaling panel equipped with a microswitch indicating door opening (front cover). The power is carried over the spare pairs (4/5 & 7/8), which, according to the Ethernet network standard, are not used for data transmission (data transmission uses 1/2 and 3/6 data pairs).

Pulsar POE084832 PoE power supply


Pulsar POE084832 PoE power supply


  • the 8x0,4A/48V DC power output for powering cameras
  • output voltage adjustment 46V÷ 52V DC
  • wide range of supply voltage: 176÷264V AC
  • high efficiency: 87%
  • 8 outputs protected with 0,5A fuses
  • jumper selectable fuse type: fuse or polymer fuse
  • Voltage control at the AUX1 ÷ AUX8 outputs
  • designed for 10Mbit/s and 100Mbit/s network
  • LED optical indication
  • FPS technical output – indication of the output fuse activation– relay and OC type
  • protections:
    • SCP short-circuit protection
    • OVP overvoltage protection
    • OLP overload protection
    • Surge protection
  • Antisabotage protection
  • Mounting plate for mounting the network switch - Ethernet Switch / Hub

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